CSS Past Papers

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+CSS Past Papers 2013

Punjabi     Philosophy – II     Accountancy & Auditing-II     Applied Mathematics – II     Botany – II     British History – I     British History – II     Business Administration     Constitutional Law English     Literature – I     English Literature – II     European History – II     Geology – I     General Knowledge – II     General Knowledge – III     History of Pakistan & India – I     History of Pakistan & India – II     Journalism     Mercantile Law – 2013     Botany – I     Balochi     Applied Mathematics – I     Chemistry – I     Economics – I     Economics – II     English (Precis & Composition)     Essay European History – I     Forestry Geography – I     Geography – II     Geology – II     General Knowledge – I     History of the USA     International Law     Muslim Law Jurisprudence     Law – I     Law -II     Physics – I     Pushto     Computer Science     Accountancy Auditing-I     Physics – II     Philosophy – I     Sociology     Statistics Zoology – I     Zoology – II     Public Administration     Psychology – I     Psychology – II Islamiat

+CSS Past Papers 2012

Law – II     British History – II     Sociology     Accountancy & Auditing – I    Agriculture     Applied Mathematics – II       Botany – II    British History – I
English(Precis & Composition)    English Literature – I    Essay    European History – I    Geology – I   Geology – II    General Knowledge – II    International Law
Islamic History & Culture – I    Journalism   Muslim Law and Jurisprudence    Philosophy – I    Physics – I    Physics – II    Political Science – II     Psychology – I
Statistics   Islamiat    Sindhi    Arabic – I    Arabic – II    Accounting & Auditing – II    Botany – I     Business Administration     Chemistry – I     Chemistry – II
Computer Science     Constitutional Law     Forestry     Geography – II    General Knowledge – I     General Knowledge – III     History of the USA   Law – I
History of Pakistan & India – I    International Relations     Islamic History & Culture – II     Mercantile Law    Persian – I    Philosophy – II    Political Science – I
Public Administration    Pure Mathematics – I     Pure Mathematics – II     Zoology – I    Zoology – II     Psychology – II     English Literature – II   Economics – I
Economics – II    European History – II    Geography – I    History of Pakistan & India – II

+CSS Past Papers 2011

Accountancy & Auditing – I     Chemistry – I     Constitutional Law     English Literature-II     European History – I     Geography – II     Geology -II     General Knowledge-II     International Relations     Applied Mathematics – I     Agriculture     Applied Mathematics – II     Chemistry – II     Computer Science     Geography – I     History of Pakistan and India -I     Political Science – I     Pure Mathematics – II     Zoology – II     Persian     Philosophy – II     British History – I     British History – II     General Knowledge-III     European History – II     Forestry     Geology -I     English (Precis & Composition)     History of Pakistan and India -II     Islamic History and Culture – II     Law – I     Political Science – II     Psychology – I     Public Administration     Statistics     Zoology – I     Accountancy & Auditing – II     Botany – I     Botany – II     Business Administration     General Knowledge-I Economics – I     Economics – II     Essay     English Literature-I     History of the USA     Islamiat     Islamic History and Culture – I     Journalism Law – II     Mercantile Law     Muslim Law and Jurisprudence     Physics -II     Philosophy – I     Physics -I     Psychology – II     Pure Mathematics – I     Sociology

+CSS Past Papers 2010

English Literature-I     Accountancy and auditing-I     Accountancy and auditing-II     Agriculture     Applied Math-I     Applied Math-II     Botany-I     Botany-II     British History-I     British History-II     Business Administration     Chemistry-I     Economics-I     English Literature-II     European History-I     European History-II     Geography-I     Geography-II     Geology-II     General Knowledge-I     General Knowledge-II     History of Pakistan and India-II     International Law     International Relations     Islamic History And Culture-II     Journalism     Law-I     Law-II     Muslim Law and Jurisprudence     Philosophy-I     Philosophy-II     Physics-I     Physics-II     Psychology-I     Public Administration     Pure Math-II     Sociology     Zoology-I     Chemistry-II     Constitutional Law     Computer Science     Pure Math-I     Economics-II     English Precis and Composition     Essay     General Knowledge-III     History of Pakistan and India-I     History of USA     Islamic History And Culture-I     Mercantile Law     Political Science-I     Political Science-II     Psychology-II     Statistics-10     Zoology-II

+CSS Past Papers 2009

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence     Agriculture     Islamic History & Culture-I     Philosophy-II     Public Administration Physics-I     Punjabi     Pure Math-II     Accountancy and Auditing-I     Applied Math-I     Accountancy and Auditing-II     Botany-II     Law-I     Law-II     Persian-I     Persian-II     Philosophy-I     Statistics     British History Paper-II     Chemistry-II     Computer Science     Constitutional Law     Economics-I     English Literature-II     English Essay     European History-II     Forestry     Geography-II     Geology-I     Geology-II     General Knowledge-I     General Knowledge-III     History of Pak. & India-I     History of Pak. & India-II     Islamic History & Culture-II     Political Science-I     Political Science-II     Psychology-II     Sociology     Business     Administration Chemistry-I     Economics-II     English Literature-I     European History-I     Geography-I     History of USA     Applied Math-II     Botany-I     British History Paper-I     International Law     English     Precis and Composition     General Knowledge-II     International Relations     Journalism     Mercantile Law     Physics-II     Psychology-I     Pure Math-I     Zoology-I     Zoology-II     Islamiat

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