Distribution of Quota CSS-2014

Distribution of Quota
(Merit / Province wise)
Merit 7.5%
Punjab (including Federal Area of Islamabad) 50%
SindhThe share of Sindh will be further sub-allocated in the following ratio:
Urban areas namely Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur (40% of 19% or 7.6%) Rural Areas i.e. rest of Sindh excluding Karachi, Hyderabad and Sukkur (60% of 19% or 11.4%). Provided that Sindh shall be allowed quota of 19% first and then the posts fallen to its share shall be sub-divided between Sindh (U) and Sindh (R) at the ratio of 7.6% and 11.4% respectively.
Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa 11.5%
Balochistan 6%
Gilgit Baltistan Federally
Administered Tribal Areas
Azad Jammu and Kashmir 2%
Note:(i)       10%  quota  is  reserved for  women  from  the  share  of Provinces/Regions  except Merit  quota  in terms  of  Establishment  Division’s  O.M. No.3/17/2005-R-2 dated 26-09-2006. Un-filled vacancies will be carried forward.(ii)      5% quota is reserved for Minorities (Non-Muslims) from the share of Provinces/Regions except Merit Quota in terms of Establishment Division’s OM No.4/15/94-R-2, dated 26-5-2009. Unfilled vacancies will be
carried forward.

(iii)      Disabled candidates will compete in accordance with the Government recruitment policy, as there will be no separate quota for disabled candidates.

Provincial or regional quotas in respect of posts in a particular year shall be worked out as per policy laid down by Establishment Division vide OM No.8/9/72-TRV, dated 31.08.1973 read with OM No.9/7/80-A III, dated 23.09.1980.

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