ISSB Guidelines – Selection Procedure

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Inter Services Selection Board -ISSB

Selection Procedure – ISSB Guidelines

Army, Navy and Air Force give advertisement in all the leading National Newspapers for recruitment of Commissioned Officer for respective service with all necessary details of time schedule. The candidates having cleared initial tests, interviews and medical are then called for ISSB tests and interviews through

“Call Letters” to appear in 5 days Tests at SSB.

5 Day Programs – ISSB Guidelines

 At ISSB, the candidates undergo basically 4 Categories of Tests, which includes 

  1. Screening Test
  2. Psychological Test
  3. Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test
  4. Interview
Day One – ISSB Guidelines
Screening Test 
Soon after arrival, once the candidates have filled in certain Forms including Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ), the candidates are given two types of INTELLIGENCE Tests which are both Verbal and Non-Verbal just like the candidates have appeared in their  Preliminary or Initial selection tests. These Intelligence tests are called Screening TESTS. The results of Screening Test is declared within 15-30 MINUTES of the completion of the test. The candidates who qualify in screening test  are stay back for the next 4 days to undergo remaining tests.
 Day Two – ISSB Guidelines
Psychological Test 
The Second Day is reserved for Psychological Test which are in total four categories that includes::
  • Picture Story writing Test.
  • Word Association Test 
  • Situation Reaction Test 
  • Self Description Test 
PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS. You must Write neatly and legibly as your Handwriting is the mirror to judge your quality. Remember, Psychological Test tests are meant to calculate your IQ, try and complete, maximum possible questions. Be mindful of the fact that that your answers must follow your thinking process. Even 75% of the questions answered correctly will see you thorough. Since every test is co-related, be positive in what you write.Your pen picture should tally with your thoughts pen down.Since you are being compared with all other candidates your best performance will take you to your ultimate Goal.

Thematic – Story Writing
The candidates are required to write  12 Stories in total out of which 11 of are having some picture and one is without picture. You will get about 3 minutes for each story. Do not write stereotype stories. Try different theme for different stories. Remember you are the Hero; the aim should be to bring out leadership qualities of the hero through these stories.
The Qualities that you are to project through your stories are:-


Only during the perception test you are required to give age, sex, mood, and number of group of the persons you see in the picture. Your story should must suits the picture yet tells something about the past incident which would have lead the to this situation that is happening in the picture? You must also highlight that what is likely to happen in the future?

Word Association Test: Write the first positive thought that comes to your mind.Time given is 15 seconds to write. The sentence need not be grammatically correct or the word used just to write a sentence. Remember this is not a Make a sentence type exam.This is designed to test your inner thoughts. So be careful in what ever you write.
Situational Reaction Test. The tests contain day-to-day practical incidents which we face in our real life.Write what actions you, you are likely to take in case you are in those situations.There are no right or wrong answers; best approach is to write a positive action which  a good citizen is likely to take. Here your qualities such as Courage, helping attitude, empathy, responsibility, social interaction, boldness, honesty etc are tested. Write down the answers on a sheet of paper so that you can compare the same with some suggestions. Never try the suggested actions as these are likely to lead you for a trouble.

SELF APPRAISAL. In the last part of the psychological test, every candidate is supposed to write a self-appraisal with aim of knowing from you that how much you know about yourself.

Usually, the candidates are asked to give self appraisal under the following headings:-
a) What is you personal opinion about your self?
b) What does your parents think of you?
c) What does your best friend think about you?
d) What does your worst enemy think of you?
e) What does your teacher think of you?
f) What are your strong points?
g) What are your weak points?
h) What are the qualities you would like to develop?
Tips: Go systematic. Suggested headings:
i) About your parents and place of birth and family background
ii) Physical Attributes
iv) Social Contacts
v) Education
vi) Extra curricular activities , achievements
vii) Your aims and goals. Both short term and long term
viii) Religion

Self-Appraisal Example
About parents and place of birth: I was born and brought up at Sialkot, an urban township in the middle of the Province of Punjab. My parents are moderately educated. We belong to an upper middle class family. My father is a govt official mother is a Principal at Beacon House School of the city. I have two elder brothers out of  whom one is working as a software engineer at Sialkot, whereas the other is Captain in the Army.
Physical Aspects: I am Medium built, and 5 feet 8 inches tall. As I used to take part in sports events and am used to regular exercise, I am physically fit. I do not remember to have fallen ill except for some minor ailments. I go for Jogging every morning before I start my studies. Evening one hour of sports activity keeps me in shape.
Social Contacts: I have a number of good friends. They have confidence in me and I am an extrovert by nature. We take part in the college functions. I like to mix around and make friends. We do organize Blood donation/health check up camps and hold children entertainment functions during Aug 14 every year in our neighborhood.
Education: I did my initial schooling at Sialkot. I was groomed by my parents to pay attention towards my studies, sports and was encouraged to take part in school cultural activities. As a result of my father’s encouragement, I used to take p[art in school debate/quiz competition. I always like some challenges from my classmates, whether it is studies or sports. I have always scored good marks and stood within the first three ranks in the class. I have won prizes both in studies and sport events. I am now studying in BSc at Murray College. My ambition is to become a Commissioned Officer in Pakistan Army.

Day Three/Four

Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test. Third & Fourth Days are kept for GTO Tests which include:

  • Group Planning Exercise (sometimes known as Military Planning Exercise)
  • Progressive Group Tasks
  • Half Group Tasks
  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Final Group Task
By carefully following the suggestions you will be able to Project your OLQ (Officer Like Qualities) to the selectors at the  Inter Services Selection Board. Remember to be natural and calm, be your self, do your best, put the interest of the group before your own, and always be alert. By being yourself your qualities are easily seen by the selectors. All the selectors are well trained, so please do not use any unfair means are bluff.

What do they judge at ISSB in Group Tasks ?

  • Assessment of Candidate’s Participation within the formulated Rules
  • Planning and Intelligent Assessment of the situation
  • Individual Quality in context to the Group
  • Assuming control of a Group to execute a task
  • Assess the problem from different angles
  • Assign responsibility to Team mates
  • Ability to realise the Potential of Group Members
  • Capacity to motivate others
  • Alertness
  • Creative Thinking
  • Putting the Group before the Self
  • Helping Tendency
  • Originality of Thought
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Cooperation with Others
  • Group Integration
  • Planning and Execution
  • Leadership Initiative

Interview : (Held during afternoon/evening hours on 2nd/3rd/4th day).