Chapter-1-Stoichiometry : It is observed that a common factor for fireworks manufacturer, an engineer to design car engines aid a chemist to manufacture a chemical plant is the amount of materials they need in their specific area of work
For examples:

  • Fireworks manufacturer is required to mix calculated amounts of chemicals. A wrong calculated amount could result in violent explosions.
  • The engineer must know the relative amounts of fuel and oxygen needed for efficient combustion.

A chemist is required to use calculated amounts of reactants to produce exact amounts of products.
Such phenomenon is studied through the knowledge of Stoichiometry.

Questions of Chapter-1-Stoichiometry 

1. Define Stoichiometry; with Examples?

2.  Prove that Law of conservation of mass has to be obeyed during stoichiometric calculation?

3.  What is meant by Stoichiometric amounts?

4.  What is Avogadro’s Number? Explain with the help of examples. Describe that how will you explain moles with the help of Avogadro’s Number?

5.  By using Avogadro’s number concept, explain the following equation Stoichiometrically?

 C+O2 ———> CO2

6.  Question: NH+ is an important raw material in the manufacture of fertilizers, it is obtained by the H2 as shown by the following balanced equation

            Na2(g) + 3H2(g)—————> 2NH3(g)

How many moles of the following are required to manufacture 5.0 moles of NH3.
(a) Nitrogen              (b) Hydrogen

7.  What is Molar Volume, explain?




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